About Us

Lakeside Physical Therapy consists of a family of 4 offices across Sussex County. Our founders, Dr. Metodio “Pampi” Pamplona, PT, DPT and Rowena Pamplona, PT, DPT, husband and wife, earned their bachelors in Physical Therapy from Our Lady of Fatima University (Valenzuela, Philippines) in 1999 and their Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Dominican College in 2017. After immigrating to the United States in 2000, they set their sights on dedicating their services to the communities around them. The couple founded our first Lakeside PT office in 2009 in Laurel, DE. Their devotion to health and wellness soon culminated into the formation of a physical therapy family – that grew, and grew, and grew! In Seaford, Lakeside Physical Therapy (Advance Mobility PT) was established in March 2015; in Georgetown, Astra Care was established in November 2017; and the final addition to our family, Lakeside PT in Milford, was established in February 2018. Call and set up your PT evaluation with one of our offices today, no referral required, with Direct Access.
Mission: We are committed to providing clinical excellence and compassionate patient care as we strive to restore the health and wellness of our community, all the while treating our patients and team members like family.
Vision: We focus on excellent and personalized patient care which is demonstrated through a multitude of evidence-based therapy services and wellness program opportunities.